Welcome back…

It’s been a busy few months, as you could imagine. Working two jobs, going to school…”blah blah blah quit whining and make us laugh,” you shout. And I will try, sincerely will I try. I’m trying to find a way to make more time in the day, and combined with finally returning to the world of mobile computing thanks to the gift of a laptop, I already have two (hopefully) humorous posts in the works.

But I digress. I logged into the ol’ Facebook to play a game of Scrabulous, and this popped up in the in-game ads:

please no?

Now, assuming I wanted to have a bottomless party, wouldn’t I want to have a little more variety? Not to disparage any of the guys, as I’m sure somewhere, someone would be willing to choose them from a lineup for a bottomless party, but not me.

Which begs the next question, what exactly is a bottomless party? Is it like a bottomless pot of coffee, where there really is a bottom to the pot, but refills are endless? Or could it be bottomless like a “bottomless pit” where the party just keeps spiraling downward without end? Is it some kind of liposuction shindig where the end result is an ass so reduced of blubber that you could balance a house of cards on it?
My worst fear, that somehow this “bottomless party” refers to some kind of pants-off dance-off, is totally without merit. Why, if such a party were taking place, would I be not only invited but required to determine the guest list?

No, my answer depends not on the shape the party would take, but on the concept in the first place. No thank you, bottomless party planner, leave me out of this one.


~ by thecox on April 17, 2008.

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