Groovin!I’ll try and update this as much as possible. Here is what I’m currently digging in the various forms of media I encounter. I’ll also include clickable links to where you can get them.

Movies & TV:

  • Torchwood
    A Dr Who spinoff.  Nuff said
    • Little Britain
    • Hilariously inappropriate British sketch comedy
    • Lost
      Yeah, yeah, so I’m late to the party. My hot wife likes it so it’s a way to bond.
    • Numb3rs
      We started watching this on our Honeymoon, and it’s a really good character-driven show. I promise, even if the head elf from the Santa Clause is in it.


    • ATL
      BBC Podcast of indie rock from Ulster.  Cool accents, sometimes cool bands.
    • The Get-Rites
      Pedal Steel Heaven.  Nuff Said
    • Flogging Molly
      Here’s hoping they show up at the Irish Fair this year to promote their new album



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