Musical History

meezanimatedbodyshot175x233.gifJust like musical chairs, really. Except with a bass guitar.

First, there was Soundmind.

Then, PJFC. Which was a kind of paradox wrapped in a taco shell. Officially the teen worship band for our church, we practiced once a week and wrote original stuff. We were together for 5 years, all told, and it was a glorious and terrible time.

After College, after PJFC, for a brief moment, there was Tarquin Gotch.e Two hit singles and a music video, and then it was gone. Like the month of February, it was too short, but thoroughly unremarkable.

Now, there appears to be so much musically that it hurts to think about. I still play bass at church, about once a month. But don’t count out the twang!

Colonel Cox is the official band, and we actually lead worship at a monthly church event.  We’ll be trying to create new songs, as well as new arrangements of classic hymns.  Feel free to join us any time.


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