A whelming experience…

How’s this for a triumphant return to blogging? A restaurant review!

Today, working at my new office in St Paul proper, I found myself in a unique situation: hungry, with no idea where to eat.  I checked online for restaurants in the immediate area, and one that came up interested me.  Key’s Cafe has been on my radar due to their incessant marketing efforts on the local talk station, and I’d always wondered what the deal was, and so I decided that today was the day to find out.

Located on a side street right off University, I entered the hole-in-the-wall cafe to find a crowded and lively lunch spot.  With a rumbly tummy only slightly to blame on a cold, I hunkered down at the counter and had my order placed within 2 minutes.  The menu had what you would expect for a St Paul institution, but the prices were rediculously high.  For a beef hash breakfast, I could get a steak at Denny’s.  But I wouldn’t.

I ordered Breakfast #4, 2 eggs and Italian(surely pronounced Eye-talien) Sausage.  The food came in 5 minutes, which was great considering that every table was full, and so was half the counter.  The eggs were cooked to perfection, and instead of a phallic pork-product, I had a hamburger sized zesty treat.  The consistency of a breakfast sausage patty, but with the sweet-spiciness of it’s namesake, the meat did the trick.  I was in, dined, and out in 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot to lead me back there again, unless I’m in the throes of full-hangover grease deficiency.  THe parking was a 30 minute maximum, and cost 75 cents.  As I like to loiter and enjoy my full lunch break, I can’t reccomend Key’s as a good lunch alternative.  But at the same time, the food was great, the service was prompt and friendly, and I can’t say much of anything negative about the shop either.

So in summation, meh.


~ by thecox on November 21, 2008.

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