Stuff I’d like…

Since I have no extra cash right now, I figure the best thing to do is think about all the stuff I’d like.

So here is my current “wishlist” and why, in an effort to entertain you, dear gentle reader.

Want: iPhone
Why: Duh, because everyone else has/wants/needs this too.  I’m just a part of the great unwashed masses like you guys!
How Much: $400 or so

Want: a better upright bass
Why: Well, obviously having one makes me good enough to need the top of the line instrument available.  I mean, just finding one on Craigslist for a ridiculously low price isn’t enough, right?
How Much: $1,600

Want: a house
Why: I think the better question is, why not?  They seemed to be giving ’em away to anyone with six bucks and the willingness to sign a piece of paper, and I just missed the bandwagon.  Now you need to have good credit, and enough regular income to conceivably be able to make your payments every month. Whatever!

How Much: $210,000 or so

Want: New Walking Shoes
Why: Mine are falling apart, and I walk to work, so that makes sense.
How Much: $14.98 if I get a pair of Starbury’s

Want: A new car
Why: I don’t currently have a car
How Much: more than a pair of Starbury’s


~ by thecox on July 28, 2008.

One Response to “Stuff I’d like…”

  1. I always wanted to purchase an upright bass… but Than i think of all the times I would actually take advantage of having an upright bass, which is hardly ever.. Its much easier for me to decide now

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