Day Two: Murray’s and Blue Magic…

The morning after PhilSo now you’ve taken your hair out for a spin, to a car show or concert, or maybe to the local watering hole in search of a lady. It’s now the morning after, you get out of the shower to find that your hair is still thoroughly encased in Murray’s. How now, brown cow?

Depending on how much you put in your hair yesterday, you might be able to get by with just repeating the last few steps from day 1. Just put the hot, wet rag on your head, remove, then style.

If you were a little more conservative with the Murray’s yesterday, you’ll find that your hair stays in place, but lacks that je ne sais quoi to be truly pompalicious. No worries, that’s where the Blue Magic comes in.

It may look like some kind of axle grease or joint compound, and in a pinch it is very helpful in getting small gaskets and O-rings in place. But it’s also the secret weapon in the slick-hair arsenal.It's Blue!
Simply step out of a hot shower, or use the hot rag trick, and then comb your hair into the closest approximation of the style you desire. Take a small amount of the Blue Magic, rub it into your palms, do the Fonzie Motion until you have a light and even coverage in your hair. Now style the finishing touches, and your hair might even look better than with Murray’s alone.

This will actually take you through two days, as there will be a small amount of the Murray’s left on day 3, and an equal amount of the Blue Magic. If you’re not given to showering daily, you probably smell funny. Or if you don’t, just do the hot rag trick on day 3, and you’ll have a serviceable, if not truly spectacular, pomp. You can also add a little dab of the Blue Magic to get the extra hold you need. Next up, Day 4: Royal Crown


~ by thecox on June 16, 2008.

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