Day 4: Royal Crown

For day 3, refer to the end of the last post.

Rockabilly Wooster?By day 4, the Murray’s should be all gone from your hair, leaving it a lot softer and more pliable.  But what if you’re like Hugh Laurie, and need the extra hold? That’s where the Royal Crown comes in handy.Loyal to the Royal baby! The idea is to use the product that leaves the least amount of residue, because you can’t add more Murray’s until your hair is completely clean.

OK, you can add Murray’s, but it won’t have the same affect.  And a good way to get the look without the extra leftovers is a hair product so good, bands fight over who gets to the keep the homage in their name.  By now, you should be familiar with the Fonzie move, so get some goop on your hands go at it.  This washes out much better than Blue Magic, leaving you free to pile the hair ridiculously high tomorrow!  If you’re ok with the Mike Ness look, another alternative is Vitalis, available at drug stores and your grandpa’s medicine cabinet everywhere.  Squirt some into your hands, and run them through wet or damp hair and slick it back.

Now, you’ve got way more information and resources than you thought you’d need.  But hopefully this will help all the little greasers out there, and it sure killed the dead space before my lunch break!


~ by thecox on June 16, 2008.

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