Bwee, but awesome…

This post will start nerdy, and then proceed to intensify at an exponential rate.  This is my promise to you, dear reader.


Someone took the time to recreate some iconic photographs with Lego people.  Check out his photostream, as it’s quite amazing.  This is exactly the kind of thing I originally wanted to do for my 4-H project in 8th grade.  But we ended up shooting off model rockets instead.  I think I did a better job at rockets than I would have with the cheap automatic camera and limited amount of Lego’s.

Now on to nerdness-squared.  Following a link from one of the resources used by the Lego Photographer, I found these guys.  They make custom and aftermarket Lego weapons and people.  Seriously, check it out and tell you wouldn’t have mowed lawns all summer long just to get your 7th grade hands on some of these weapons packs.  I would, and I for damn sure wish I still had the time and toys to make it worth dropping $25 for a the complete set of guns.



~ by thecox on June 4, 2008.

One Response to “Bwee, but awesome…”

  1. Awesome! Now if only I needed to arm a Lego army.

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