On Sunday I turn 27, woohoo.  I have reached the point where birthdays are now a yardstick used to measure my success in life, or lack thereof.  Thinking back, I can remember many dreams and goals I had set for myself that have yet to materialize.  And since I am part of the Gen X/Y border, complaining about getting older is kind of the thing to do.  Because I recognize this, or maybe just because I’m trying to be less bitchy, I’ll do the opposite with this post.

So what things have I dreamed of doing, or set as goals, that I have accomplished?

  1. Got married to a wonderful lady. check
  2. Bought and learned to play(passably) the String Bass
  3. Moved out of my parents
  4. Went back to school to get a degree
  5. Ate my weight in fritos- Not yet
  6. Seen most of my favorite bands in concert, at least the ones who aren’t dead.
  7. Full sleeve tattoos (2/3rds of the way there)
  8. Learned to shave with a straight razor
  9. Tasted Johnny Walker Green Label

That’s all I can think of for now, so I’ll just this one more thing:

emo sucks


~ by thecox on May 30, 2008.

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