The Mason Douchebags…

Let me back up. Randy Rogers band is awesome, and this is in no way meant to disparage Randy or his crew. But ultimately, it is his fault. Because if he hadn’t put on such a good show that Ben though it was a good idea to see him on a Tuesday night, none of this would ever have happened.

You see, a sports-bar in a strip-mall in suburban Burnsville, MN was hosting its first ever “Texas County Night.” I like the Texas Country I’ve heard, and Buddy Holly and Reverend Horton Heat both came from TX, so It’s all good, right?

Wrong, if you start the night with a migraine that has been building since 3pm, and it’s now 9:30. But lure of Randy is great, as Ben usually has a pretty good ear for music. And since there are several of my friends there with us, including Ben and his parents, it couldn’t be that bad, surely?

mason douchebagAnd in walks the problem, or more accurately, 45 seconds after the rest of the band has started their opening song/jam, in walks the biggest douchebag to grace the stage that night. Black wifebeater underneath a $150 distressed dress shirt(unbuttoned of course). Loosely holding a bud-light bottle, he strolls on stage as if he could tell all the guys want to be him, and all the girls want to do him. And then he starts singing.

Leaving aside the toolishness of the rest of the band, this guy took the cake. Was he wearing leather chaps like the lead guitarist, constantly posing and grimacing like Angus Young with Parkinsons? No. Did he have a stupid mohawk and toothpick in his mouth like the bass player? No. Did he look like a chubby Tito Ortiz, like the drummer? No. Why did I hate him then? I don’t know. But from the beginning, I did. Not even playing a crappy version of Folsum Prison Blues, and a pretty good version of Banditos, everything about them made me angry. I think my friends felt the same way, considering all the knowing looks, outright laughs, general sense of astonishment at their sucktitude.

And it was only made more apparent by the awesomeness of Randy Rogers Band. Randy humbly took the stage with the rest of his band, and played 3 quality songs before my headache got so bad I had to leave. The band was tight, the fiddle player was amazing, and the songs were catchy and well done. Obviously this is why Randy is a nationally recognized act, and the Mason Douchebags were the openers, but I think it was the unwarranted swagger and pomposity of the lead singer that just turned me off for good. Thanks guys, cuz I need another band to abhor.


~ by thecox on April 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Mason Douchebags…”

  1. They are from MN. So ‘Texas Country Night’ should contain only country bands from Texas.

  2. Sounds like you wanted the lead singer or are jealous of him yourself, chubby.

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