Last Weekend my hot wife and I had the pleasure of attending a Minnesota Swarm lacrosse game with our friends Sean and Christine. Sean got us free tix from his work, as apparently Lacrosse games don’t have quite the sellout power of, say, the Wild.

I had been meaning to check out Minnesota’s own professional indoor Lacrosse team, just because it’s one of those sports that a white guy who isn’t into team sports can get behind.  And it didn’t really disappoint too much.

In case you don’t know, Lacrosse combines the most exciting aspects of Hockey, Soccer, and Butterfly collecting.  Guys in hockey pads run around a field armed with, for all intents and purposes, bludgeons.  Ostensibly there is a tossing around of a baseball, but for the most part its body-checking, tripping, and whacking at each other with sticks.  All things I can get behind.

The game itself was exciting, as it progressed in a way that would have made a suitable ending to The Mighty Ducks 4: Lacrosse Fever.  The Swarm were up for the first period, the visiting team made a comeback in the latter half of the second period, and after a last minute timeout the team was able to overcome their differences and unite to score a goal(?) with a second to spare in order to progress to sudden-death overtime.  And of course they won it in overtime, making sure that the team could keep their perfect home-game record intact, and validating the wacky but effecting coaching style of Gordon Bombay and his hard-luck yet scrappy team.

well, not really...

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening, and I’d love to go back, as long as it’s free.


~ by thecox on April 18, 2008.

One Response to “LaCrosse???”

  1. LaCrosse is getting huge (at least in the ‘burbs). I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods this evening and they have about a 1/5 of their floorspace devoted to it.

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