It’s been a while…

But there’s been a lot happening lately.  Nothing interesting really, but quantity over quality still fills your day up.  So here is one of the most interesting things to happen to our family.

After that bleak day in January, Lexi and I were left with just one guinea pig, and my sister was without any.  Seeing how sad she was, my mom suggested that my sister go to the Humane Society and get another little piggy.  We then received a phone call inviting us to visit my folks and see the new pigs.  That’s right, plurality of piggies.

It seems that a pair of piggy brothers had been left with the Society, so my sister got them both.  With bothers, you can let them share the same cage, and they won’t fight each other.  They were a cute pair, too.  Abyssinians with brown and white mottled coloring.

We got another phone call a few weeks later, and this time the news wasn’t as good.  Turns out one of the brothers was a sister.  Aside from the inbreeding issue, my sister would now have to transfer one of the guinea pigs into another cage, and now have twice as much cleaning etc to do.  Because she’s going to college, and doing all the social activities of the typical 19 year old former home-schooled girl, she couldn’t handle the extra responsibility.

Ultimately, my folks weren’t able to take on the added responsibility either, and my sis had to find a home for one of ’em, or take it back to the Humane Society.  Lexi and I talked it over, and since we’re both used to having 2 pigs in our living room(plus Patrick and Elvis), we volunteered to take the male pig.

So, I’d like to present the newest member of our family:

Carl Pigkins.



~ by thecox on February 20, 2008.

One Response to “It’s been a while…”

  1. Welcome Carl! You have quite the task ahead of you filling the mighty shoes (paws?) of Patty, but you look to be off to a promising start.

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