Ego Trippin…

As many are wont to do, I had a few minutes of free time this morning and decided to Google myself(teehee).

Ahem! I knew from previous Ego Trips like this that Aaron Cox is usually a black football player in the south and southwest US, and usually good enough to have some regional paper coverage. What I didn’t expect was that the second result in my search would be this:


Apparently, I’m also a real jerk. I mean, I can understand that maybe there are some people out there that I have made cry. I can think of at least 2 in high school that I taunted and ridiculed to the point of tears. But I have hit very few people, and most of them were playful taps on the shoulder. And I know for sure that I’ve never “drank all the applesauce in your fridge.” I don’t drink applesauce. So as lists are easy to blog about, I will now post the description from the About section of the

I hate Aaron Cox. But seriously… Xanga blogring, just to make sure I’m not the Aaron Cox they hate.

Who else hates Aaron Cox? I know I do. This is for you if he’s ever:
A. hit you
(not that I know of)

B. made you cry
(guilty as charged, sorry Pat O’Hara)

C. drank all the applesauce in your fridge.
(wow, never have I done this)

D. Burnt Liz’s spatula
(is this innuendo? b/c maybe then…)

E. made fun of you
(ok, this ones all me)

F. broke Liz’s ceramic flag
(Liz, if you’re out there, I’ll take you to Goodwill and buy you all the spatulas and ceramic flags you can stand. Just forgive me)

G. stared blankly at you
(yeah, all right, guilty again)

H. said the phrase “oh man”
(nope, unless I doing a Schelkopf impression from 2001)

I. laughed when you hit him
(so its not ok to laugh during a beating? this makes point A a little moot, right?)

J. made the air around you repulsive to the point where your skin wants to turn inside out.
(wow, that’s bad. If I ever did this, please let me know. It sounds dangerous)

K. Made a weird hand gesture while saying “”
(umm, possibly I did?)

So while I might fit 50% of the criteria of being The Aaron Cox that everyone hates, I guess I’ll sleep easier knowing that there is a version of me that is much worse, especially to poor Liz.


~ by thecox on January 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ego Trippin…”

  1. I’m pretty sure you drank all the apple sauce in my fridge. Jerk and as for the air around me, it took weeks of tedious ironing to get my skin to look normal again. Most unpleasant.

  2. Hey, I think apple sauce in the refer unit is fair game – especially if I’ve been to your house prior – and the visable levels within’ the jar haven’t changed. Anyway, I’m probably this person – if you invite me into your home – for me to go in – means I am of good company and I will make myself comfortable – that’s what I expect my friends to do when they are in my home… If I’m in your home – I always ask before I touch anything or slurp on your jarred produce… As far as the air around me – it’s clear – precise – and boy scout like… I leave the campground in better form and shape than when I found it… If anyone is talking Ill of me – I know I’m on the right path – and if you cross my path – I am more times than not friendly to everone… If you get a bad vibe from me – it’s probably a reflection of your own low self-esteem and guilt.

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