Whatever doens’t kill us only makes us weirder…

It’s good to be back at the helm of the good ship Blogypop, so much has happened recently, so little has changed.

I quit my position in sales recently, after asking that the promised income be met after 3 years of ramen and Shasta budgets, and they called my bluff. So now I’m searching for a new position, and hopefully I’ll find a new job too(hardyhar). Until then, I’ll be telemarketing at the current place of employment, but I’ll no longer have to give a shit about anything else. It’s kinda freeing too.

Other updates:

  • Obviously we made it back safe from the Honeymoon. I actually only saw one live deer, and two dead ones, the whole weekend long. Although we did see a fantastic mullet or two.
  • Lexi’s work closed after a bunch of commies on Grand Ave decided they didn’t want more business, and she’s currently interviewing at Borders for a new job. There’s a couple other places she’s lined up interviews at, so any prayers for to find something would be greatly appreciated.
  • I’m fat enough now that I’ve grown a beard(pix to follow). It’s so much easier than diet and exercise.(update the update: It turns out I had to choose between keeping my beard and my pride, or sweet lovin.  I chose lovin.  So no more beard, and I guess I’ll have to start working out again.)
  • Lot’s of music coming up this month. Two different Christmas shows, and two different worship sets. I better get a damn fruitcake for all this yuletide merriment I’m providing.

~ by thecox on November 29, 2007.

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