What else can you do with JB…

To follow up on my previous post concern the magic of JB Weld, I visited their website to see what kind of things they recommend using JB Weld for. Here is a sampling:

  • fuel tanks
  • cracked engine blocks
  • casting defects
  • door stops
  • key ways

Aside from having no clue what a “key ways” is, I was inspired to think up some other uses of JB Weld. The obvious uses are related to automotive/home improvement, but here are some more unconventional uses for this wonderful plasticine panacea:i wish you could really do this

  • Spill management.
    Constantly tipping over your stein or mug while watching TV? Why not JB Weld that sucker to the coffee table, get an extra long straw, and say goodbye to unsightly stains!
  • Babies.
    Can’t afford one of those springy things you put kids in so they can bounce? JB Weld a pair of overalls to living room wall, and let the little guy dangle to his hearts content.
  • Wall Hangings.
    Can’t seem to keep those decorative posters from falling down every time the upstairs neighbor throws a clog party? JB Weld the frames to the wall, just mix and spread the Weld, and press the poster against the wall for 3-5 hours until it dries.
  • Glasses repairs.
    Do you keep losing the little cushion on the nose rest for your glasses? Apply JB Weld to the frames and your nose, and now you’ll never ask yourself “have you seen my glasses?”
  • Pimping your ride.
    Have you ever wanted a classy looking hood ornament, but can’t afford a 60’s Jaguar? Grab Unlce Louie’s Bowling Trophy from the garage, slap a little JB Weld on the bottom, and you can cruise the Lakes in style.

I hope these suggestions can help you understand the versatility of JB Weld


~ by thecox on October 17, 2007.

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