you’re done…

Last night I was scarfing nacho’s with Ben and my hot wife at Crapplebees, when Hall & Oates came on the Musak.  I hate Hall & Oates.  You probably know this, as I consider them marginally better than the movie Blood and Chocolate.  But only marginally.  We discussed my desire for this group to simply stop existing, and went on to other groups I equally despise.

 Keep in mind, I wish these folks no ill will, or at least insignificant amounts of ill will.  Like I explained to a friend about Marc Anthony,”I wish someone would hit him in the throat with a frisbee.  Not hard enough to kill him, just enough so that he never sings… ever.”  Unlike my wishes for my nemesis, these folks’ death and destruction is not necessary.  They could continue in their current level of comfort and notoriety for all I care.  I just want all traces of their musical existence to vanish and never return.

So here is my list of people who I wish would “get hit in the throat with a frisbee:”

  • Hall & Oates
  • Genesis (either Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel versions)
  • Phil Collins
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Morissey(the rest of the Smiths are ok)
  • Marc Anthony
  • Bucky Covington
  • Barry Manilow
  • The Bee Gees

And to leave you with the distinct nausea/rotgut feeling I get when I hear the above “artists”, here is a monkey playing a Genesis song.


~ by thecox on September 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “you’re done…”

  1. Hall and Oats are the beez neez man!

  2. i luv u!! u know who i am

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