Still standing…

In order to liven up the mood a little, I thought a post about one of my favorite shows I don’t watch would be in order.

 FunniestLast Comic Standing was one of my favorite reality shows last year.  Which wasn’t hard, because the totality of my reality show viewing was: Last Comic Standing, Miami Ink, The Ultimate Fighter.  I caught almost every episode with friends, and I generally thought it was good aside from 1 or two things.  My main beef was that I thought the wrong comic won.

Pictured to the right is the runner-up, Ty.  In the final showdown between him and Josh Blue, I thought Ty did a better comic set.  I think initally his act was weaker than Josh’s, but over the course of the show myself and a couple of my friends noticed that his sets were getting funnier, and he was addressing a wide range of topics.  While Josh Blue deserved to be in the final two, his comedy never progressed beyond his dissability and dissabilities in general.  Josh was funny, no doubt, and consistantly funny, his material never progressed.  We all thought that the one with the most talent was Ty.  But america voted…

Last week, America voted again.  And proved that they didn’t know what was good for them.  I wasn’t able to see more than two or three episodes this year, but the wife and I watched the finale episode.  Based on what I saw, I think the funnier guy lost.  Both comics were funny, both had good sets, but I think Lavell Crawford had a better set.  Granted, the sets we saw on the finale were not the sets that the viewing public voted for.  And this year Australia, Canada, and Britain got to vote.  But I can’t believe that Lavell lost to the “That thing got a Hemi?” guy.  Yup, thats who won.  The blond guy from the Dodge commercials.  Oh well, at least it wasn’t Toby Keith.

I gotta think that the reason Hemi-guy won , was this is drawl was less incomprehensible to the non-Americans who were voting.  But what do I know?


~ by thecox on September 21, 2007.

One Response to “Still standing…”

  1. You’re wrong. Lavell was funny but very ‘Josh Blue’ in material. Yeah we get it he’s fat. Moving on. John Reep was funny through and through. You can hold the Hemi thing against him as long as you want but his stand up is funny. The right guy won. On a related note, how lame is Bill Belleme (or however it’s spelt)? In fact the whole season was sub par.

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