Irish Fair: The Puppies…

puppiesI love puppies. I do. One of the cool things at the Irish Fair was their Native Dogs of Ireland tent.

Of course, what event featuring popular Irish cultural exhibits would be complete without something showing off actual sheep herding? Yes, actual sheep were herded around Hariett Island by actual Sheep Dogs. Lexi and I caught the tail end(no pun intended) of the demonstration on Sunday, and we were both kind of disappointed. sheep go to heaven...

But they did have all sorts of cute Irish dogs. As the banner above demonstrates, some look like Muppets, others look like any other European farm dog, but they were all well behaved and made me wish I didn’t live in an apartment. Oh well, maybe next year we go to the Irish Fair and buy an Irish Water Spaniel or something.


~ by thecox on August 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Irish Fair: The Puppies…”

  1. […] on the music, people, and puppies to follow. Until then, here is the link to the slideshow of the weekend. […]

  2. Very nice!!

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