Irish Fair: The Folks…


One of the cool things about the Irish Fair is being able to hang out in the sunshine under a tree, eat potato products, and listen to cool music with friends. This weekend saw no shortage of that either. In years past Lexi and I have spent time with many of our friends, including: Sean, Christine and Sumi. Erin and Jason. Rochelle and Amelie. Biscuit. Sam and Tina(maybe Sophie too, not sure). Jeffy Kaps. And many others.
This year we had new friends: Topher brought his brother Timmy on Friday nite, and Ben joined us for a soggy Saturday evening. My little brother and sister also joined us on Friday, which ended up being “Bring your sibling to a dissapointing performance by the Mahones” Day.

Saturday, being the wet and humid day that it was, started off promisingly. Ben, Lexi and I headed down to the Liffey, a pub just up the street in St. Paul. Our food was good, if not authentic, and the beverages were all around tasty. I had a Bushmills 10yr, neat, and it was tasty.

Aside from friends, there are all sorts of Irish-descended folks about. Ben and I even discovered a new species of Gooback: The Goolic. We saw mostly Irish-Goolic, although there is another sub-species known as the Scots-Goolic as well.

Families, individuals, hippies and preppies, they were all there. The only thing missing was the small tribe of Skinheads that always used to show up, for the last 4 years at least, and drink Summit and look disdainfully at everyone else. I miss their self-righteous glares.


~ by thecox on August 15, 2007.

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