Irish Fair: The Music…

mahonesAs I said earlier, there were three types of music at the Irish Fair:
Fun music, great music, good music. Since I would like to keep this musically themed, I’ll list out our musical adventures categorically, and not chronologically.

Fun music

Almost anywhere you went, there was fun music. From the lone piper wandering around Harriet Island, to the group of kids playing very good traditional Irish music, there was always something fun to listen to.

Good music

It’s supposedly the biggest celebration of Irish Heritage in US, so it’s no surprise that a lot of good acts showed up. The Wild Colonial Boys were both fun and good. And Gaelic Storm won the Irish Irony Award for having to cut their set short due to a friggin electrical storm.

Great music

While there was tons of music, most of it well worth listening to, there was one standout act: The Young Dubliners. The Celtic Cats really rocked it hard, with a style that mixed Rock and traditional Irish music in a way that was not jarring, but felt organic. What that means is that they played music where you said to yourself, “hey, this is cool.” Lexi, Ben and myself all enjoyed their Saturday performance, even if it was foreshortened by the storm. And their set Friday night was also engaging and entertaining. The only people who didn’t like the Friday set were probably the Mahones.

Crap Music

Yes, I won’t make it an obvious category, because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. But the fact of the matter is, the band that followed the Young Dubs on Friday night really left a lot to be desired. I think part of the problem could be the artists they were inevitably compared to: former Irish Fair headliners Flogging Molly, Gaelic Storm, and the Young Dubliners. The Mahones were not nearly as polished, and frankly sounded like they were trying to be Flogging Molly with a Rock background, as opposed to punk. They’re pedigree and tour partners all point to a band with experience on the road and an idea of what it takes to set yourself apart as a band, but the show did neither. I won’t excoriate them any further, because I do think they tried hard, and they made me appreciate the Young Dubs even more.

Tune in next time for: Irish Fair: the folks.


~ by thecox on August 14, 2007.

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