Werewolf movies r ghey…

Right, so usually I’m down with a good horror film, or even better a bad horror film. I enjoyed Underworld, and enjoyed less Underworld 2: Blue Wolf-guy from Felicity. Then I was forced, by circumstances beyond my control, to watch Blood and Chocolate(read part I of the backstory here, and the continuation of this post here). The movie had potential, but it sucked. The connection to blood and/or chocolate throughout the movie was tenuous at best.

So instead of a review, when there is already one here, I’ll give you my list of things I enjoy more than the movie Blood and Chocolate:

Better than Blood and Chocolate


~ by thecox on July 3, 2007.

6 Responses to “Werewolf movies r ghey…”

  1. […] My thoughts on the movie will follow… […]

  2. Werewolf movies are not necessarily the ghey.

    And you like Hall and Oates better than this movie? Dude… that’s just… dude.

  3. Maybe you missed the point, which I was marinating in sarcasm, that this movie was soo bad that Hall and Oates look positive divine in comparison.

    The line “Whoah here she comes, watch out boy, she’ll chew you up” was scarier/more titillating than the movie Blood and Chocolate.

  4. […] Hall & Oates.  You probably know this, as I consider them marginally better than the movie Blood and Chocolate.  But only marginally.  We discussed my desire for this group to simply stop existing, and went […]

  5. LOL. Was it that bad? I haven’t seen Blood and Chocolate yet, but it does look like a chick-flick werewolf movie. It got some positive reviews tho. I’m a werewolf movie nut, so I guess I’ll end up watching it at some stage.

  6. The movie wasn’t that great,
    but the book was really good.
    By the way, the only similarities between the book and the movie is the main characters NAMES, and the werewolf thing.

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