I’m in a band…

I know that I’ve been going back and forth with the whole “band” thing, waiting for the SWB to let me know I couldn’t cut it, and other fun things, it seems a little dishonest to get such a thrill from randomly saying “I’m in a band.”  But I still do, or at least did until last nite.

carrots and broccoliI was at Byerly’s last night picking up some taco supplies after work.  I was wearing a tshirt, which I am apt to do when not at work.  I had entered the store, proceeded past the delicious bakery area, and had just walked into the fruit and veg area( or “produce section)” when a random guy walked up to me and said “nice tattos, are you in a band?”

I realize now that my reaction was a little silly, considering that I have quite visible and colorful tattos on most of my right arm, not to mention the partially shaved area where the latest tattoo was just added.   But the first thing that popped into my cranium was “oh crap, I hope this isn’t one of those Quixtar bastards!”

So I said “no.”  But he kept talking.  I guess he had Matthew Bird syndrome or something, because he continued to question me and I tried to get to the dairy aisle, and regaled me with his observations of tattoos, his buddy with “the same exact thing on his elbow” and the like.  Man, I just want some sour cream and taco chips, cuz I’m hungry and have a hot wife at home.  Eventually I shook him off my trail, but not before coming to the conclusion that I was unsure, myself,  whether or not I was really in a band.  And for that, annoying Byerly’s dude, I thank you.

So for now, I guess I’m not in a band.


~ by thecox on June 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “I’m in a band…”

  1. Whether or not you were (are) in a band, do you really want to give that guy any reason to keep talking to you?

  2. How dare you deny the great musical project I’ve passed down

  3. You just possibly walked away from the greatest opportunity in your life. It shocks me of peoples reaction like yours. You don’t want to make more money? You want to work for a boss? You want someone else to make decisions for you? you don’t want to help others? You don’t have any dreams? Have you been programmed to be a robot? Have you thought to check out what people who are making money in this business are doing? Are you letting others make decisions for you? Do you have a tried and true plan? Maybe you are not qualified to do the business because it is not a get rich scheme and it does requuire some hard work in the beginning.

  4. And thank you, Rafe, for proving that I was right to be scared of the rabid Quixtar/Amway evangelists. Douche

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