Last night I enjoyed a pleasant evening with Zee German watching Bones and looking for CD’s. We went to Best Buy and that used CD emporium by Maya restaurant, in order to find the second Mike Ness solo album. No dice. But we did find several other cds. This brought on some reminiscing, and ultimately I realized I haven’t purchased more than 6 cd’s in the past year. I’ve obtained backup copies of other albums, and am holding them for friends, but have not purchased many at all.

So here’s the list of albums I’ve purchased, that I can remember:

  • Gnarls Barkley: St. Elsewhere
    Good funky music. A favorite of both the Hot Wife and myself.
  • Lily Allen: Alright, still
    She’s cool, she’s cute, she’s British, and she makes the kind of music Gwen Stefani wishes she could. Also, my Hot Wife loves her.
  • The Fratelli’s: Costello Music
    Happy, poppy, in the Ipod commercials. Oh, they’re Scots too.
  • Amy Winehouse: Back to black
    Short and scrawny Jewish girl from London, sounds like a big black girl from Detroit. Soul and R&B done right, with enough of a new twist on it to keep you entertained.
  • Million Dollar Quartet: 50th anniversary edition
    Even though you can’t really hear Cash on it, good CD, and as a musician it’s even cooler. Turns out Elvis and Jerry Lee goofed around just as much when they were practicing.

So that’s it. That’s my musical purchases. As far as I can remember. I’ll leave you with a quick list of my(hopefully) future aquisitions:

  1. Mike Ness: Under the Influences
  2. sunny sweeney: Heartbreakers Hall of Fame(I have a backup of this, but I’d like to support her as an artist)
  3. Hank Williams: I Saw The Light

The end.

thats about it...


~ by thecox on May 3, 2007.

One Response to “Music…”

  1. God I love Sunny Sweeney. Check out the site I made for her and her fans.

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