Oddly detached…

Yesterday morning, I came into work like usual. I was just firing up the old ‘puter when my boss came back to the sales area and in an agitated state asked that both us sales guys accompany him into the conference room.

Once there, we were joined by several other managers, and told that all the data from Friday had been lost. We were migrating or updating something with the servers, and our SQL Server backup from Friday had been corrupted or something. So I had to help us play catch-up for every order that had come in Friday.

Needless to say, I had a case of the monday’s. I was more than a bit put off, but oddly enough the whole day was a kind of blur to me. Usually I get pretty pissed, because this is a far from isolated occurrence. In fact, it’s more likely that something like this will happen on a weekly basis. So I guess I finally stopped caring, and went into a mental Fugue state.

And this persisted, for the most part, throughout the whole day. Although I was able to enjoy an evening with my wife, once I got home, the nagging sense of dissociative mental fog stayed with me. And this morning, it has continued. Although I have been able to accomplish some, but not all, of my normal daily tasks, I still feel really out of it.

It feels like every time some new issue related to the bollixing up of our network etc comes to the fore, I get that much more spaced.

That is all…

I no know!


~ by thecox on May 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Oddly detached…”

  1. They should backup their transaction logs on an hourly basis, and make sure that they have a complete backup every day. This would allow them to restore all that information, and not miss a day.

    but then again…you were probably looking for a comment of “That sucks” or something of that sort.


  2. […] I did some sleeping.  Unfortunately, right after the conference finished up, I got hit by that now-familiar feeling of malaise and grogginess.  Lunch at Perkins helped a bit, made my own omelet out of pork and […]

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