10 things to do in Denver when you’re dead…

Ok, so there’s only 4 things, and none have to do with Denver. But you get my drift. The point is that this weekend, I was sick to deathlyness

It started with a bit of food poisoning, and worked it’s way into a bad cold. I missed two days of work, and my whole weekend, but now I am back and have some wisdom to drop on y’all.

So please, enjoy the bits of knowledge I have accumulated through trial and error and sickness:

  1. Puffs Plus w/Lotion
    Do I really need to explain this? It works, no chapped nose or nothing. It’s worth the extra $0.37 for the box.
  2. ColdMD
    This little beauty of a product was my choice for “get over your cold quicker” OTC product, and it worked like nobody’s business. Seriously, it’s not your business! I know this is an area of contention for a lot of people, but I endorse this product, until I decide not to.
  3. DVD Players
    At what point in your life would you guess that a DVD Player would up and die on you? Right when you are ready to up and die on you? That’s when mine did. Bastardo!
  4. Mad Max
    In the event that your DVD player stops working, what option have you left but to check out the “FoxNine movie that you’ve seen 1800 times but will still watch because it’s better than staring at the sun and sometimes its actually a cool movie?” Short of The Untouchables, this is my favorite movie to watch on TV, even though I have seen it many times. It has 56% less Homoerotic undertones than either sequal!

So that’s what I learned in my near death experience, and that’s an update that is not a video.hahahahaha


~ by thecox on April 27, 2007.

One Response to “10 things to do in Denver when you’re dead…”

  1. I still say “Road Warrior” is the ultimate Max film (even with Lord Humongus and his disturbing bottomless chaps). The truck chase at the end of that flick is just ridiculously awesome.

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