How to shave your…

face. As some of you know, I’ve been sporting some facial foliage of a heretofore unseen scale. When faced with an ultimatum by my wife, I made the decision to mow the lip-lawn in order to maintain marital bliss. But because I’m me, I made a few pit stops on the way to clean-shaven fishtown.Ace of Spades!

And even after that, I couldn’t help myself.I hate myself sometimes…
Lexi took this picture as I was on my way to lift large triangular weights while riding a velocipede.

Don’t worry tho, the whole thing has been removed. Just in time for me to walk through windy snow for a mile and a half this morning.


~ by thecox on April 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “How to shave your…”

  1. Are we talkin’ sideburns and all? Or are those a permanent fixture, like a load-bearing pillar, not removable without causing serious structural problems?

  2. […] Attempt the second, last year, came more as an ironic protest against the draconian facial hair rules at my work.  As I reached the zenith of disillusionment, I decided to strike back by not shaving.  Again,result for nekkid face. […]

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