Musical Genius…

No, I’m not referencing myself. I refer to one of my favorite interweb locations:


And like it’s namesake, this is much more intense that you think when you start. Basically, this little gizmo on their site asks you for the name of a musical artist. You could say Johnny Cash, or Elvis Costello, or even SCC(although I don’t know why). It will then create a playlist for that artist, and similar artists. This is basically a free net radio service. But here is where it gets better. Not only do you get artists similar to the one you named, but if you they play someone like Phil Collins, you can mouseover the current song and give it a thumbs down, and they immiately stop playing Phil, and never play him again. I think they even go so far as to delete Genesis and Peter Gabriel as well. It’s very intuitive, and you can add additional artists to the mix.

It’s nice because I started with Cash, added The Specials and The Clash, and then Hank Williams.

By giving thumbs up to the artists I liked, and thumbs down to Peter Gabriel, I’ve got a playlist with bands I like, and some I didn’t even know I liked. It’s wonderful!

My Playlist


~ by thecox on April 5, 2007.

One Response to “Musical Genius…”

  1. Interesting, I’ll give it a try.

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