I arrived to see a large python head peering out of the toilet bowl…

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. After reading this story I realized that I needed to comment.

Phillips removed the snake from the septic tank because he said it had grown too big to be pulled straight out of the toilet.

Thank goodness that this was in Australia, because I have a hard enough time as it is using a portapotty.

The mostly nocturnal Carpet Python had probably taken up temporary residence in the septic tank because it was a good place to hide during the day and hunt for frogs.

“The tank was obviously a great home, because the snake was so fat and healthy it was it difficult to retrieve,” he said, adding that the nonpoisonous snake will be released.

So not only do we have the discover of the Carpet Python(like a pocket gopher?), which lives in septic tanks, but also the elusive Dysentery Frog of the Western Desert.


~ by thecox on December 14, 2006.

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