I’d like to take a bath with Morgan Freeman…

This post really isn’t about Morgan Freeman, per se, as much as it’s about the bait-and-switch tactics of Public Television during pledge season. Although Mr Freeman and I share the same Birthday, June 1.

You see, I find that the most annoying thing about pledge season is that they replace a large chunk of the crap they normally show with programming you actually want to see. Whether it’s BBC series'(fawlty towers, thin blue line,Dr Who), their acclaimed dramas(again usually syndicated from BBC or CBC), or quality music programming.

Here is how you can tell it’s pledge season, just by checking the PBS lineup:

The following is a short list of series and shows that I once enjoyed, and are no longer available from PBS.

Oh, and just to keep the whole theme going, please enjoy this clip of Morgan Freeman bathing in a coffin.


~ by thecox on December 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “I’d like to take a bath with Morgan Freeman…”

  1. Smegging smegheads at PBS.

    Bring back Square One TV!

  2. The title of this post has left me with a horrible mental image all day…

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