A Slice of heaven…

Anytime you’re having a bad day, wander on over to Slice of Laodicea. There’s bits of good stuff there, but when you read it you can’t help but think of the village spinster sitting in her rocking chair by the front window, watching the street to find things to overreact to. Ingrid and Co. are always going off the deep end about important things, and usually tend to alienate the people they’re trying to serve. Case in point: CCM.

Now anyone who’s spent more than a minute reading my blog would know how much I detest Prom Songs to Jesus. And here is where I share a common view with Ingrid. But using the quotes below, I’ll show you why she’s lost me by the end of almost all the articles posted to Slice.

Therefore, when we bring popular styles into the church, we also bring in the association of Nissan Truck commercials, the elevator at J.C. Penney’s, Fred Flintstone, Raquel Welch, Disneyland, Marlborough cigarettes, and the list goes on…

Second, pop music fills the entire human hearing range in a way unprecedented by any other music. There is such a thing as noise pollution, even though we have not defined it very well yet. In order to grasp the idea, there are roughly two parameters to be considered, spectrum and amplitude. The spectrum represents the human hearing range which, in the best of circumstances extends from 20 Hz at the low end to 20 kHz at the top. Amplitude represents the power of a frequency. Amplitude translates very roughly into loudness as a percept…

Early in 1992 a new bi-monthly magazine was sent gratis to many pastors and church music directors across the country: its name, Worship Leader. It is not a publication about the Holy Spirit (who is the true and only worship leader). No, it is chiefly a lubricant of the contemporary Christian music industry, which should come as no surprise since Worship Leader is a product of CCM Communications, Inc…

So you see point, I hope.


~ by thecox on October 20, 2006.

One Response to “A Slice of heaven…”

  1. That’s why I can only handle reading her site in very small doses. With large periods of time in between.

    And apparently she doesn’t like comments on her site anymore. Can’t handle someone bringing a different point of view (or truth) to the table.

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