Calvinists love their Diet Coke and Hardshell Taco’s…

As the blogosphere is undoubtedly full of posts concerning the Desiring God conference from last weekend, I’ll try and touch on some things that might have been left out by more capable bloggers.

  1. Baptists don’t smoke
    I was literally the only person there who smoked. Literally.
  2. Mark Driscoll will kick you in the head.
    Literally. Genesis Three style.
  3. Calvinists love Chipotle.
    According to the downtown store manager, they had the most peope he’s ever seen on a Saturday. And they ran out of Diet Coke and hard tacoshells. Calvinists also like to make ordering a burrito too hard, and should lighten up about Mexican food.
  4. D.A. Carson is Canadian, eh?
    Wow, is he Canadian. Nobody doubts that he’s intelligent and insightful, but I had no idea until I heard him speak that he was Red Green’s older brother.
  5. John Piper will punch you.
    Nah, that’s unfair. He won’t punch you, but he’ll make punching motions at you…
  6. Josh Harris is small.
    Yup, Josh Harris is actually about 4-foot 7.
  7. Calvinists grunt.
    Lastly, I found that most of the people at the conference didn’t shout “Amen” like I expected. They just kinda grunted, a lot. Instead of the soft cascade of thoughtful “hmmms,” we at times felt like we were in the midst of a wasp nest. The echoing “HMMM”s were a bit distracting.

all pictures are from Tim Challies, put hosted at my blog to save him some bandwidth.


~ by thecox on October 4, 2006.

8 Responses to “Calvinists love their Diet Coke and Hardshell Taco’s…”

  1. Hmm

    I think it’s the baptists that shout “Amen.”

  2. I have it on good authority that the Dutch Reformed (can’t get my mind off the Dutch Reformed these days!) love a good cigar. Maybe they carry their cigars in their “Dutch Bags” along with their matches and TULIP bulbs.

  3. I know very few in my young Calvinist circles that smoke cigarettes. A few smoke an occasional cigar, and I even know some people who enjoy a good pipe. All under 30.

    Josh Harris IS short. And its scary how you hit on the Chipolte thing. That’s my favorite restaurant, except I go for soft shelled stuff or the Bols when I can.

  4. Jake, in case you didn’t notice, Baptists are of the Reformed stream. Piper, head Calvinist of the conference, heads Bethleham Baptist. Therefore my preconceived notion that I would be hearing a constant stream of “Amen”s

  5. My bad, Jake wasn’t wrong to be confused. I guess there are several types of Baptists out there.

  6. Well, the Reformed Baptist church I attend (The Portico) is big on smoking pipes and hooka, and four of us were at the conference.
    A couple of us attempted to eat at Chipotle on Sunday, but it was closed. What’s the deal with half the places there being closed on the weekends?
    Our church is also not known for Amens, though our pastor is quite fond of them…

  7. Roger, if I recall correctly, Bethlehem is in the middle of the city. Lots of city businesses (in most cities) are closed or have limited hours on the weekends, because 99% of their traffic is by business-people who are only there Monday thru Friday.

    Of course that isn’t the case here in Atlanta where they built the city and then said, “Oh yeah, where are we going to put businesses?”

  8. The first time I saw Joshua Harris my 1st observation was similar to yours :-). I just posted on it.

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