Last Post…

So after a week of Vox, I’m looking to make a decision about whether to stick with Blogger or make the move to Vox.

Please compare this post to the same post done through Vox, and let me know which format is the most conducive for your bloggity perusal…

Oh, and please enjoy some Mike Nelson humor. All the images are form actual websites about a guy named Mike or Micheal Nelson, and have Micheal J Nelson‘s face on them.


~ by thecox on September 29, 2006.

2 Responses to “Last Post…”

  1. if you don’t want anyone to comment on your blog than stick with the vox one… though I do like that url better

  2. The “coxvox” name is cooler.

    But I get to your blog by linking through Chris’s blog so it’s harder for me to get to unless of course Chris puts your new link on his blog links…

    Or, of course, I could actually take the time to put your link on my blog in which case it really wouldn’t matter and would, in the long run be much easier for me since I could access your blog from my blog no matter what blog you chose instead of having to go to Chris’s blog and move on from there.

    Hope that is clear.

    Hope to see you at the party tonight!

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