Hypochondria, House style…

So I recently purchased Season 2 of House, M.D. Great show, great characters, outstanding sarcasm.

But the problem with watching shows like House, is that you tend towards Hypochondria. I’ve had a twitch in my leg for a day or so, nothing painful, just like a feeling of a mild Charlie-horse. I figure this could have something to do with the lack of excercise I’m currently in the middle of. But after watching House, I start to imagine all the horrible things it could be. Could it be a blood clot that is slowly cutting of circulation to my leg, ending in amputation? An unknown parasite that feeds on the cell wall of my veins, leading to a bleed out and ultimately amputation? What if it’s a deep-tissue muscle infection, which will ultimately lead to amputation?

Anyway, odds are if I go for a walk this afternoon it will go away. If not, I may be busier than a one legged man at Mass.(how do you like that, eh? avoided a profanity and took a dig at Catholics in one metaphor)


~ by thecox on August 29, 2006.

One Response to “Hypochondria, House style…”

  1. i feel the hypochondriac syndrome. Usually after watching an especially intense episode of house I’m a little paranoid of my surroundings, afraid I’m breathing in some toxic fume or that the food I’m eating is lined with some organ eating disease… I love it

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